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Egypt: End Mass Trials and Death Sentences for Children

Picture this: you’re just a teenager when officers break into your home and take you from your bed. They take you to an undisclosed location and don’t tell your family where you are. You are tortured until you “confess” to a crime you didn’t commit.

You are put through a mass trial where you can’t properly contest the charges against you. In a dock crowded with hundreds of others, you strain against the bars to hear the verdict: “guilty”. The sentence? Death by hanging.

This isn’t just the story of one child. Since 2013, Egyptian courts have recommended initial death sentences for at least 10 children convicted in mass trials, often on trumped-up charges related to attending protests.

Sign our petition calling on Egypt to stop sentencing children to death in mass trials. We’ll be delivering that petition to the Egyptian embassy in London to show them that the world is watching.

Petition text +

Dear President el-Sisi, We, the undersigned, call upon you to stop violations of children’s rights in Egypt and enact the following:

  • Conduct a review of all death sentences handed down in Egypt since 2011 to identify:
    • all children who have been sentenced to death; and
    • all prisoners on death row whose trials did not meet international fair trial standards.
  • Release all children in detention currently facing death sentences in Egypt;
  • Commit to commuting all death sentences for individuals whose trials did not meet international fair trial standards following a review of death row;
  • Identify all child defendants tried as adults and commit to retrying them in juvenile courts;
  • Close the loophole that allows children aged 16 and over to be tried as adults and face the death penalty;
  • End the use of mass trials, which violate international fair trial standards and deprive children of their rights.

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