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End UK involvement in illegal lethal US drone strikes

The UK Government is cooperating with US President Donald Trump in his unlawful assassinations programme.

For years, the UK has been instrumental in helping the US carry out its covert drone wars. At places like Menwith Hill in Yorkshire, UK intelligence officers run programmes with names like GHOSTHUNTER and GHOSTWOLF to help the US pinpoint the locations of targets in countries where the US and the UK are not at war, such as Yemen and Pakistan.

These drone strikes are unlawful – they have killed hundreds of innocent people in Yemen and Pakistan, including women and children, without any form of due process or accountability. While the families of two Western hostages killed in a strike have received an apology, no Yemeni or Pakistani ever has.

The UK Government should not be supporting this kind of unlawful action. Sign our petition demanding that the UK Government immediately end their involvement in this unlawful and lethal programme now.

Petition text +

Dear Theresa May,

We, the undersigned, call on you to end UK involvement in the United States’ illegal lethal drone programme, operating in countries where Parliament has not authorised UK military action.

We also call on you shed light on the UK’s involvement in the programme to date and to publish any and all policies, agreements and memoranda that relate to UK support for the US drone programme. This includes, but is not limited to, the UK’s own legal framework for taking and assisting in such strikes.

The US’ assassinations programme is inconsistent with the fundamental rights to life and due process and enables President Trump to carry out killings without accountability. Investigations by legal charity Reprieve show that countless innocent people, including many children, have been killed by US drone strikes.

We demand that the UK ends its involvement in this unlawful programme immediately.