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Join the movement: Close Guantanamo Bay

Since 2002, the prison at Guantánamo Bay has become an enduring symbol of injustice. It stands for torture, abuse and indefinite detention without charge or trial.

Five detainees have been cleared for release in a process involving six separate US intelligence agencies, yet they remain at the prison. Why? Because President Trump simply refuses to let anyone leave Guantánamo under his watch.

Abdullatif Nasser was one detainee close to gaining his rightful liberty after being cleared in July 2016, but administrative delays meant he was still there when Trump came into power. Abdullatif’s imminent freedom was cruelly snatched away from him, and he was consigned once more to an indefinite stay in Guantánamo.

Guantanamo Bay has been a human rights tragedy for 17 years and counting. Please add your name and join the movement to close it for good.

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