President Trump: Close Guantanamo Bay

Under an arbitrary new practice brought in by the Trump administration, the hunger strikers at Guantanamo Bay are in danger of serious organ failure, or starving to death. Our clients, Ahmed and Khalid, have not eaten since September 20th. Ahmed reportedly weighs just 95 pounds.

We're desperately worried that our clients will die, so we're calling on President Trump to bring in independent medical support for the strikers and either give the detainees fair trials or release them.

Ahmed has been trapped in Guantanamo without charge or trial since 2002. “I don’t want to die,” he told us. “I will definitely stop when President Trump frees the prisoners who have been cleared, and allows everyone else a fair trial.”

President Trump can end the hunger strike by ending 15 years of abuse and injustice at Guantanamo Bay. He can release the prisoners or give them fair trials. Or, better yet, close Guantanamo for good.

Please sign our petition now and call on the administration to urgently provide independent medical support to hunger strikes and end injustice at Guantanamo by closing it for good.

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To the President of the United States:

We call on you to end the years of injustice and abuse at Guantanamo Bay. In the interests of justice, you must provide independent medical support to detainees on hunger strike, release the prisoners who are cleared for release, give the remaining detainees fair trials, and close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay for good.

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