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Boris Johnson: Make sure Bahrain’s torture victims aren’t executed

Urgent – Maher's execution could be carried out at any time. Act now!

Maher Abbas al-Khabbaz was beaten, whipped and electrocuted before he was forced at gunpoint to ‘confess’ to killing a police officer in 2013. But Maher has an alibi.

Bahrain’s criminal justice system is rife with examples of torture and ill-treatment. Torture is regularly used to extract ‘confessions’, which are later relied on to sentence people to death. Just last week, two men were executed who had suffered brutal and prolonged torture to force them to ‘confess’.

Only broken justice systems use torture to extract ‘confessions’. There is no room for torture in real justice. That is why we are calling on Boris Johnson to make sure that torture victims like Maher have their death sentences overturned.

Will you call on Boris Johnson to ask the Bahraini authorities to stop the execution of torture victims like Maher and ensure fair retrials?

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To UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson:

We, the undersigned, call on the UK’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office to ensure the Bahraini government impose a moratorium on the death penalty pending a full public inquiry into allegations of torture and forced confessions by those on death row.

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