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Stop imminent executions in the Maldives

The Maldives may be best known as an idyllic holiday destination, but reports suggest that the President of the Maldives has approved plans for authorities to carry out the first execution in over half a century – possibly within the next 24 hours.

Why is this happening now? It has nothing to do with "justice". President Yameen has just lost his majority in Parliament following defections from his own party and is using the death penalty as a tool to strengthen his grip on power and suppress dissent.

Death penalty trials in the Maldives do not meet the most basic fair trial standards. Forced confessions, politically-motivated charges, and other abuses are commonplace. Children and those suffering from mental illness have been sentenced to death, in violation of international law. If the 60-year moratorium is broken, they will face execution.

Can you sign our petition and call on President Yameen not to bring back the death penalty after six decades and stop any imminent executions?

I call on President Yameen of the Maldives to not break the six decade moratorium on the death penalty by resuming executions. I call on the president to respect human rights and accept the death penalty must not be used as a tool to suppress political dissent.

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