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Stop execution of peaceful protesters in Saudi Arabia

Fourteen people have been sentenced to death on protest charges in Saudi Arabia and could be executed at any time. The fourteen facing execution include a disabled man and two young men sentenced to death as juveniles.

Munir Al-Adam captors tortured him so badly that he was rendered completely deaf in one ear. Mujtaba'a al-Sweikat – arrested at the airport on his way to take up a place at Western Michigan University in the US – was burnt with cigarettes and tortured so savagely that his shoulder was broken. Both were sentenced to die on the basis of a forced "confession".

Saudi Arabia claims to be modernising and reforming under its Vision 2030 programme. But any vision of the future, however grand, is fundamentally undermined by continuing to execute peaceful protesters and children. If Saudi Arabia is to have a bright future, these young men must be alive to see it.

Can you sign our petition and call on King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed to stop these executions?

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To King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia:

We call on you to stop the execution of fourteen young men in Saudi Arabia. To execute a disabled man and two juvenile protestors would be an appalling breach of international law and undermine any claims of reform.

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