Saudi Arabia: Halt executions now

Update – executions in Saudi Arabia can happen at any time, with no warning. Take action now!

On April 23rd, Saudi Arabia executed 37 people in a single day. At least three were arrested as teenagers and tortured into false confessions. Many were convicted of non-lethal crimes, such as attending protests.

Saudi Arabia claims to be reforming under its Vision 2030 programme, yet has executed more than 100 people in the first four months of 2019 and is on track to execute more than 300 this year. Urge Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman to halt executions now and release the three remaining young people arrested for the "crime" of protesting – Ali, Dawood and Abdullah.

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To Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia:

We call on you to halt executions in Saudi Arabia. Executing protesters and children is an appalling breach of international law and undermine any claims of reform.

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